Day Two

20160922_214155We began the day at Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wrights most well known works. It was designed in 1935 and remained in the same family until it became a preservation site. As the guides explained, the home was designed to encourage interaction with nature and the views are incredible.
The furnishings and the family’s art collections are still there, including two Picassos and two pieces by Diego Rivera.
They have a strict no picture policy so all I have are some exterior shots and some postcards -so I took a rather grainy photo of the postcard picture of the living room.
We also visited the Flight 93 Memorial which, once you reach this remote corning of Pennsylvania there is a 2.5 mile drive to get from the entrance  of the park to the site. It is very remote and somehow the long drive in seems to set a  fitting tone.
We also went to the memorial to the Johnstown Floods. A dam breach in 1889 killed more than 2,200 people. Close to 100 families were wiped out, and everyone lost someone.