Day Four

20160924_133648We began the day at Fort Necessity National Battlefield. It is there that George Washington suffered his first defeat. The battle would spark the French and Indian War and despite the 22-year old’s mistakes in Farmington, P.A. in 1754, he would go on the lead the colonies to victory in the Revolutionary War, twenty-odd years later.
The fort is a reconstruction but well done and the film shown a the visitor’s center is well worth watching. Check out the Washington Tavern, too.
About a half-hour away is Friendship Hill, the country estate of Albert Gallatin, the treasury secretary under Thomas Jefferson.
I really wanted to check out this park as it is stop #1 of 30 in the National Park system that related to the journey of Lewis and Clark.
Gallatin financed the expedition and he was also responsible for the Louisiana Territory Purchase.
On this particular weekend Friendship Hill hosts and annual event called FestiFall, where period crafts, entertainment and food are all done by re-enactors.
We learned of the park and the event from a ranger at the Flight 93 Memorial. It was a great reccomendation we have old-fashioned cookies, roast beef sandwiches and saw a number of talented craftspeople at work.
The house was really interesting, very large with a variety of additions, construction styles and lots of period detail.