Day Five

20160925_115758I learned a lot of interesting things about President Eisenhower today;  including that the farm he retired to was the first home he and Mamie ever owned, and being a military family they moved almost 40 times.
He was a success as a show farmer with a herd of prize cattle.
I loved the home because it was like walking around on the set of a movie from the 1950’s.
There was an old sewing machine, the same one I have (LOL) and old TV sets and rotary phones.
I have to admit though, being a NH reporter and having my share of interactions with Secret Service, I was most interested to see their state-of-the-art command center, complete with back up power, radios, a coffee pot and an ashtray.
There was also a pair of mirrored sunglasses on the desk.
Once again Google found another gem of a restaurant. The place was called Hunts Battlfield Fries in Gettysburg… a great burger, excellent fries and so cute inside. The walls are covered with replicas of vintage signs and other fun stuff.
20160925_212031After lunch, we toured the battlefields of Antietam and I learned that an artist from Vermont, named James Hope was there and recorded the images in his sketch book. Later he painted an incredible series of five large paintings (each weighing over 200 pounds) which were nearly lost to neglect.

They were rescued, restored and now offer a view of America’s bloodiest battle from one who was there.