In yesterday’s post I mentioned that the battle at Antietam was the bloodiest of the Civil War because is was the worst one-day casualty count. Today I learned that  Gettysburg was the deadliest conflict, lasting for three days.

This  was our last day of visiting national parks.  It has been hot all week until today. Today it was cold and raw with a wind that was as times quite brisk.


The weather suited the subject and despite the grayness I still got some nice photos. We spent most of the day touring the battlefield.

There are more than 300 memorials erected in honor of those who fought there. Each state’s contributions are listed by the number lost, wounded and missing in action.
The memorials run from formal and classic, using stone and brass to modern and artistic, oversized and bold.
We finished up the day at one of the ranger-led discussions about a soldier’s life. It was great; both informative and entertaining.
Back on the road tomorrow.